South West India



In January 2016 our team embarked to rural villages in South West India with local guides and community leaders. We spent a number of days in each village getting to know and understand parts of the communities as well as teaching photography to children who had a particular passion for the camera. At the times when we brought out the camera excitement would ripple through the village and we would find people bringing their entire extended families to be photographed. At one point we were asked to photograph a very ill elderly man, who’s family were very grateful to have a photograph of him so that they would always have an image of him.

Children in the village were particularly enamoured with watching the prints come out of the printer-particularly when it was a photograph of themselves or their family. For the people in these villages, many had never owned a photograph of themselves before. We were asked to return to the village at a future date as the project was so well received.

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