Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi & Rajasthan



Focus On Humanity began to take its form as our team travelled through South India, Kerala. As we travelled through the lakes area we began taking family photographs and offering to send them back to people. This offer was received with such genuine and positive enthusiasm, we continued to make our way north through Goa, Agra, Delhi and Rajasthan.

We perhaps didn’t realise the full potential of what we were offering until the families we spent time with in Jodhpur showed us how much excitement and pride they found in working with us to make great family portraits that they got to keep. We realised how privileged we personally were having access to photography ever day, whenever we wanted and that for many people around the world it was an important way to measure milestones and accomplishments in life and that sadly many people in certain communities around the world miss out on this, thus that very day in Jodhpur, Focus on Humanity was born.

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